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Mary Tettenhorst, Talent Impact

October 06, 2023 Season 3 Episode 107
Book Smarts Business
Mary Tettenhorst, Talent Impact
Show Notes

Building bridges is needed to be a strategic partner in your organization.  Mary Tettenhorst, author of Talent Impact, discusses how to do this.

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Mary's Bio:
For nearly 20 years, Mary has worked diligently to engage, educate, and empower others to discover and reach their potential. She is a strong believer that if we help our people grow and create a purposeful environment where people are heard, valued, and challenged…that the business results will follow! 

Mary brings a wealth of experience in talent and organizational development, career and leadership coaching, performance management, and employee engagement. She has worked with organizations across various industries, large and small, global, and local. With each new adventure, she has had the opportunity to build relationships and learn from others. Her natural curiosity, willingness to ask questions, and eagerness to help solve challenges positioned her as a strategic business partner who was eager to contribute experience, energy, and enthusiasm on her journey to serve others. 

Mary currently serves as the Sr. Vice President, Learning and Development at Cincinnati’s largest credit union where she gets to exercise her passion for serving others – their team members, their members, and the Greater Cincinnati community. Mary is active in the talent development community and has held leadership roles with the Greater Cincinnati Association for Talent Development where she currently serves on the Executive Advisory Board. More recently, she has also joined to support Level Up Cincinnati, a non-profit that provides coaching, support, and personal development for Black and LatinX first-generation college students. 

Above all this, her greatest accomplishment is her family. She resides in Ohio with her husband David and their two sons – Sam and Cole. A family that prays together, plays together, and challenges one another each day!

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