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Alan Lindeman, Talent Impact

September 29, 2023 Season 3 Episode 106
Book Smarts Business
Alan Lindeman, Talent Impact
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How is a manager and a leader? Join Alan Lindeman, bestselling author of Talent Impact, and Jodi to discuss being a strong leader, how parenting builds a leader and influence.

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Alan's Bio:
I espouse that leadership is nothing more than influence - nothing more, nothing less. And don't we all influence someone, somewhere, somehow every day? YES, WE DO! That means that ALL of us are leaders. We are influencers of people. So the next thing we need to think about is how are we influencing people every day. Are we creating good ripples, bad ripples, or some of both? This is why I have become an author, to make more people aware of our responsibility as leaders, and as influencers of people.

My short story is that I was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH. I have been married to my amazing wife for a lot of years and we're both blessed to have three wonderful children (one son and two daughters). 

Professionally I worked in the corporate world for thirty years working for a couple of big corporations and one family-owned business. The experiences were fantastic. I have experience in sales, sales management, operations, and general management. I have had P&L responsibility, I ran multiple offices spread out over five states and successfully helped develop a start-up division for my last employer. 

After leaving the corporate world in 2012, I have been in the business consulting/ training space. It has been such a pleasure working with clients across the country helping them to develop their people personally and professionally. I have a passion for leadership and people development. My passion has led me to develop a leadership model called Responsible Leadership (one of my upcoming books). We are using the Responsible Leadership Model to help companies improve their culture, develop their people, improve cooperation and collaboration, and achieve higher levels of financial success. 

It is such a blessing to be helping people wherever I can. 

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