Book Smarts Business

Author 2 Influencer - Fred Moskowitz

October 20, 2023 Jodi Brandstetter Season 3 Episode 111
Book Smarts Business
Author 2 Influencer - Fred Moskowitz
Show Notes

Do you know anybody relying solely on their paycheck? Fred explains his personal journey from a career in computer engineering to becoming an alternative investment expert.  He also details how authorship continues to open new doors for him, while encouraging others to do it too. Listen Here!

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Bio: Fred Moskowitz

Fred Moskowitz is an author, entrepreneur, and speaker who is on a personal mission to teach people about the power of investing in alternative asset classes, such as real estate and notes, showing them the way to diversify their capital into investments that are uncorrelated from Wall Street and the stock markets. With The Little Green Book Of Note Investing, Fred publishes his concise yet definitive guide for new investors seeking to learn about the market niche of investing in alternative investments. He’s a frequent event speaker and contributor to investment podcasts. You can visit him at

The accumulated knowledge in his books will greatly benefit those individuals who seek to achieve higher levels of financial freedom and to develop expertise in the alternative investment arena.

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