Book Smarts Business

Kyle Stevie, Digital Melting

August 11, 2023 Season 3 Episode 98
Book Smarts Business
Kyle Stevie, Digital Melting
Show Notes

Looking for a way to add residual income to your portfolio? Have you ever considered real estate? Kyle Stevie, author of Digital Melting, and Jodi discuss several different ways to invest in real estate during this episode. Check It Out!

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Bio: Kyle Stevie

Kyle Stevie is a Logistics Account Executive by trade, but a real estate investing/tech nerd by passion. Amazingly, the roads of both real estate investing and technology intersected and this non-practicing attorney has written all about it. 

The Kentucky native has parsed down high-tech language into an easily digestible educational piece. The future of financial market participation is rapidly approaching, and real estate investing will be the spearhead. 

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