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Diane Helbig, Succeed Without Selling

August 04, 2023 Season 3 Episode 97
Book Smarts Business
Diane Helbig, Succeed Without Selling
Show Notes

The ABCs of sales is NOT "Always Be Closings." It's really "Always Be Curious." Jodi and her guest Diane Helbig, author of Succeed Without Selling, share her book and discuss some best practices for sales. Listen Here!

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Connect with Diane:

Bio: Diane Helbig

When I was a young girl, I didn’t have just a lemonade stand. I had a lemonade and candy business. In my early teens, I created a day camp for the neighborhood kids. My entrepreneurial spirit has been developing ever since. My family moved every year; sometimes across town and other times across the country. 

I credit my ability, and interest in, meeting people with these experiences. After all, I was always in a position where I had to meet kids and make friends. My business career has always been in small business where I have enjoyed positions in leadership as well as sales. I have taken the lessons she learned from those experiences and added them to my consulting and training practice. As I watched business owners, department leaders, and sales professionals struggle to succeed I became highly motivated to do something about it. In late 2005 my father passed away. That was a turning point for me. I decided at that moment to venture off on my own and launch a consulting business. In addition to being driven to help business professionals overcome challenges, I wanted more time and flexibility with my young children. 

My mission is to improve the world one small business at a time while raising spectacular humans who contribute to society. To that end, I have developed a number of content outlets where I can bring knowledge, tips, and information to small business owners, as well as business leaders, around the world. And, I could not be more proud of my now adult children, Aaron and Macey.

As president of Helbig Enterprises, I help businesses and organizations operate more constructively and profitably. I evaluate, encourage, and guide my clients. I am an international business and leadership development consultant, author, award-winning speaker, podcast host, and trainer.

I work with my clients to create, implement, and monitor individualized strategies that result in better communication, increased performance, and greater results. I serve as a trusted advisor and guide, helping my clients see the value in changing their behavior. My clients find themselves achieving incredible successes – many beyond what they had previously believed were possible. I bring over 20 years of small business management and sales experience to my consulting.

I believe that each business professional is an individual. They bring their own dreams, challenges, and beliefs with them to their role. This is why the strategies they create are specific to them. Business is business. And leadership is leadership. How each person approaches their growth is individual. No canned systems here! My work is uniquely developed for each client.

With my book, Succeed Without Selling, I take on the realities of selling. Sales as it has been taught throughout history is ineffective. Discovery is really the way toward success for small business owners and sales professionals.

Through my podcast, Accelerate Your Business Growth, I bring valuable, actionable information to my listeners. My book, Expert Insights includes details of ten of the most listened-to episodes of this podcast. 

As a speaker and trainer, I merge energy and enthusiasm with rich content. My goal is to leave my audience with actionable steps as well as excit

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