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Harry Spaight, Selling With Dignity

July 21, 2023 Jodi Brandstetter Season 2 Episode 95
Book Smarts Business
Harry Spaight, Selling With Dignity
Show Notes

How does someone take their missionary life into sales? Harry's background allowed him to quickly see commonalities between emotional intelligence and being a good salesperson. Although it might differ from the common stereotype, Harry explains how it is possible to listen, be a good human, and still make sales in his new book, Selling With Dignity. Listen Here!


Connect with Harry:

Bio: Harry Spaight

Harry Spaight is a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach. After spending several years in mission work, Harry took the principles he learned and applied them to a career in sales. Loving others, listening, and treating others the way you want to be treated, speaking with tact, persistence, patience, kindness, and more. 

Harry transferred the skills he developed while working with and serving others over to the world of corporate sales. With very little business acumen, Harry applied the principles from the Good Book as to how to treat people. Those two thousand-year-old principles still proved to be practical. It was all about serving others. Harry believed that people would buy from him if he had a servant’s mindset. The principles worked. Harry eventually moved and was leading a team of sales professionals in downtown Washington DC, just a few blocks from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Would the principles work in such a competitive market as Washington DC? The answer is yes. The principles are timeless.

Now, after spending over twenty years as an Award-Winning Multi-million Dollar Sales Producer and Sales Leader in the extremely competitive arena of corporate sales, Harry knows firsthand how to be successful in sales and lead winning teams. While many sales leaders choose the cozy corner office, Harry preferred to be in the street, sleeves rolled up so to speak, with his team. 

Harry is one who leads by example, knowing it is better to get in the trenches with his people than to bark commands at them. He spearheaded sales teams to achieve the amazing success that resulted in over a hundred million dollars in business. Harry has a “Serve Others First” mindset, which is largely due to having served for over a decade as a missionary. 

Harry’s understanding of clients, sales professionals, and Sales Leaders in building trusting relationships gives people the confidence in putting his knowledge and experience into practice. 

Harry is the author of Selling with Dignity. He is the co-host of a Top 20 podcast “Lead Sell Grow, The Human Experience”. 

He works with sales teams and executives to elevate their craft of selling and leading with dignity. Harry can be reached for coaching, consulting, keynotes, and media appearances at

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