Book Smarts Business

Mark Allen, People Fusion

June 25, 2023 Jodi Brandstetter Season 2 Episode 91
Book Smarts Business
Mark Allen, People Fusion
Show Notes

How does "The Platinum Rule" prepare you for deliberate communication? Mark explains how communication serves as your key to organizational success and growing every kind of relationship, whether it's personal or professional. He also talks about his own journey to becoming an Amazon bestselling author with People Fusion. Check It Out!

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Bio: Mark Allen

Mark Allen is a Business Coach and Training Professional for FocalPoint Business Coaching. His practice combines Mark’s 30+ years of business and leadership experience with the powerful results-based content and expertise of one of the world's most well-known business coaches, Brian Tracy.  

Mark got his start in business helping run part of his family’s manufacturing business in California. Mark then spent the majority of his corporate career honing his skills at three Fortune 100 organizations. He has a track record of leading teams through transitions, growth periods, and downturns. He has served as an executive leader overseeing numerous high-volume, multi-location departments, including:

  • Call Center Operations
  • Customer Service and Collections
  • Marketing
  • Billing Statement Production and Remittance processing
  • Human Resource Communications
  • Benefit and Retirement Plan Administration

Mark brings a wealth of talent development, team building and leadership experience to his role as a business coach. In his career, he has worked for and with all types of businesses, from large international corporations to locally owned entrepreneurships.  

Throughout his life, he has learned the key factors to personal and business success…Be genuine and be unshakable in your drive and passion to achieve your goals. Mark is proud of the results he gets for his clients and is dedicated to improving business teams, creating time, and generating more money.

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