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Angie Dodge, People Fusion

June 09, 2023 Season 2 Episode 89
Book Smarts Business
Angie Dodge, People Fusion
Show Notes

How do solid executives juggle it all? Angie explains how (more often than not) successful leaders have even more successful executive assistants pushing things forward with them. She also shares her elated feelings about becoming an Amazon bestselling author with People Fusion. Check It Out!

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Bio: Angie Dodge

Angie Dodge is the CEO and Founder of A Squared Personal Consulting. She currently lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a Buckeye at heart! Angie has spent her 25-year career as an Executive Assistant to C-Suite Level Executives in a variety of industries supporting several executives over those 25 years. To be more specific, Angie has supported 1.56 executives a year before starting her own company. Angie is not just a CEO and Founder, she claims that she is also a chameleon that can change her spots for every executive that she has supported. One highlight of her career is winning Civilian of the Year when supporting the USAF while living in Spangdahlem, Germany.

It was this experience that led Angie down the path of becoming an entrepreneur and founding A Squared Personal Consulting. She has taken her years of learning from top executives and made it her mission to help other executives and business owners grow and succeed by providing executive-level support for all their administrative needs. 

Although entrepreneurship came later in life for Angie, she is not a stranger to it. Her mom owned a flower shop while Angie was growing up. The biggest lesson she learned from her mom was: “always to take care of the customer.” Angie has taken that lesson seriously, recounting that “this business is my legacy.” The success Angie’s clients find by working with her is a lifetime of learning, listening, and knowing how to treat people right. 

Angie and her team deliver with excellence true executive-level administrative, project management, and Human Resource support. For Angie, offering the level of support and service large corporations are accustomed to having, including small businesses and startups, is what she finds to be the most rewarding. Alleviating small business owners of the day-to-day administrative work so they can focus on their business’ main goals is the driving force behind A Squared Personal Consulting’s mission and motivation. 

Outside of work, Angie enjoys spending time with her fiancee Shawn,  family and friends, going to the beach as much as possible, and forever training her spoiled dog, Teddy, not to bite!

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